Internet Expert: DonaldBest.CA visitor stats ‘astonishing’

Website Visitor Stats-SAN20.1% of first-time visitors spend over an hour at DonaldBest.CA

An additional 10.8% of first-time visitors spend from 5 minutes to an hour.

by Donald Best

by Donald Best

Last week an Internet Expert examined the visitor statistics and records for DonaldBest.CA and became visibly excited about some of his observations.

My personal website has been online since July of 2014, but all this is new to me so I never really looked at anything other than the number of daily visitors, along with making notes of visits from some of the law firms and other defendants that I am suing in the civil lawsuit known as ‘Donald Best v. Gerald Ranking et al’. (Superior Court of Justice, Central East Region: Barrie, Court File No. 14-0815)

The fact the expert finds ‘most astonishing’ is that 20.1% of first-time visitors to DonaldBest.CA spent over an hour clicking through the website and downloading documents and exhibits. Apparently this is first-time visitor behaviour that major websites would kill for; but what did I know about this?

Add to that an additional 10.8% of first-time visitors that spent from 5 minutes to an hour and, according to the expert, you have an “astonishing” 30.9% of first-time visitors spending major time to examine my website in detail.

This is, I am told, visitor performance that major websites would gladly pay through the nose for if it were that simple.

What is the reason for this visitor behaviour? The expert has a few theories.

Cassels Brock Lawyers-private

Law Firms are Major Visitors to DonaldBest.CA

Some of the most dedicated visitors to my website are the Canadian law firms that are defendants in my civil lawsuit Best v. Ranking. These defendant law firms have visited my website hundreds of times in the past year; sometimes spending hours on each visit reading articles and downloading legal documents and photographs. Of course, I have a list of the files they have downloaded, and the time they spent on the website each day.  

We are able to identify these law firms and other large entities visiting my website because many of them have assigned ‘IP’ (Internet Protocol Numbers) registered and used only by them. For instance, as shown above, one of the IP numbers assigned to Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP is ‘’.

Faskens Lawyers-private

Visitor Paths

The stats software also shows the type of computer and often provides enough information for an expert to identify whether it is the same computer or a different computer than used on a previous visit. For instance, in the above example a person from the law firm of Fasken Martineau Dumoulin visited on May 6, 2015, at 1:20 pm, using a computer running Windows 7. This visitor was interested in articles about Toronto lawyers Paul Schabas and Gerald Ranking.

Twenty-one minutes later, another Faskens visitor used an Apple iPhone to read an article about how Faskens lawyer Gerald Ranking lied to Justice Shaughnessy of the Ontario Superior Court and how I was sentenced to three months in solitary confinement based upon Mr. Ranking’s fabricated false evidence, placed before the court when I wasn’t present.

Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis Lawyers-private

Visits by uninvolved legal firms

Many of the first-time visitors who spend over an hour at my website arrive from large law firms all over the world. Sometimes they are referred by search engines such as Google or YAHOO! but often they arrive directly without a referring link. This, according to my internet expert, means that they have obtained the website link to DonaldBest.CA from some other source, perhaps from a friend or colleague.

For instance, the above shows a few of the dozens of visits from the Philadelphia, USA law firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis (Wikipedia page here). I have no idea why personnel from this large law firm were so intensely interested in my story, but they spent many hours at DonaldBest.CA. Over the course of nine days, Schnader Harrison personnel downloaded every document and article. Schnader Harrison personnel used several different computers and smartphones, often at the same time. My computer expert says that this appears to indicate that personnel were coordinating their efforts so as not to duplicate work or downloads.

LSUC Law Society Upper Canada-private

Law Society of Upper Canada regularly visits DonaldBest.CA 

The Law Society of Upper Canada also has fixed IP numbers. In the above example, you’ll see that person(s) at LSUC visited on November 7th and 12th, using two different computers. In both cases, the visitors went directly to an article about how law firm personnel at Miller Thomson LLP sent anonymous threats to my witnesses via the Internet. The law society has known all about this for years, yet has never seized evidence, interviewed witnesses or examined the computer records of the Miller Thomson law firm.

This type of corrupt cover-up is apparently standard operating procedure for the Law Society of Upper Canada, as documented in the Toronto Star’s ‘Broken Justice’ series. My case is just one of hundreds where the executive and senior members of the LSUC have set aside their duty to the public in favour of a protected class of senior lawyers and large law firms.

As I explained in another article, some lawyers and law firms are too big to jail.

By a strange coincidence, Paul Schabas (one of the lawyer defendants in my civil case) is the Chair of the LSUC’s Proceedings Authorization Committee that makes the decision to prosecute or not to prosecute lawyers.

Am I surprised that investigators from the Law Society of Upper Canada never seized or examined Miller Thomson’s computer network records to discover which personnel sent the anonymous threats to my witnesses?

Am I surprised that the law society never launched an investigation into senior lawyers fabricating evidence and lying to the courts?

No, I’m not surprised at all.

That’s what happens when we allow professionals to regulate and discipline themselves without civilian oversight, transparency or accountability to ordinary Canadians.


  • Beware of Coward Lawyers

    I wonder how many people after reading your website would decide to not use the services of any of the law firms involved in fabrication of evidence, use of a crooked cop, intimidation, threatening, I for one would never hire cowards to represent me in any case. My suggestion to all reading is to stay away from the law firms and put them into bankruptcy. Perhaps thats the only way that Mr. Best can get justice . Then perhaps the phony business and one million dollars paid to it will then be scrutinized.

  • Threats are not serious?????

    While I was reading your post here Mr. Best the quick question that came to mind with respect to the threatening of witnesses etc is what were police doing about the threat? I thought that the police are in charge of investigation of threats and I thought that threats are supposed to be taken seriously but somehow if the law society was supposed to investigate their own for being involved in threats then it would amount to asking a criminal to investigate himself. Doesnt make sense. Did the police refuse to help especially since you were a former police officer are we seeing police forces that are biased in their investigations especially when former police officers take issue with their own. The police should have gone in and checked their computers wouldnt that be reasonable to state?

  • Poor moms and dads

    Considering the many visitors to your site including law firms that were downloading your evidence and tape recordings did you get offers to be represented full bono or was Mr. Slansky the only one to come forward to help? This is an important question to ask since we have so many law firms in the GTA so I am just interested to know the law firms that have guts, courage and conviction to put the interests of the public as important. Your story affects all of us and we stand by your determination to bring justice to yourself and to all the citizens. We admire your courage and I just wonder how many law firms are out there that have the same courage as you do and your lawyer Mr. Slansky. It just helps to see what our judicial system stands for here in this province and those who deserve to wear the title of lawyer or judge. I am truly disgusted to read the comment by a senior civil lawyer that all lawyers lie and he states that so flagrantly as its ok to lie if your a lawyer and its ok for them to fabricate evidence and put an innocent man in jail and its ok for the courts to whitewash it as well. For these lawyers that fabricated evidence I pity the mother who went through the birthing process to give birth to them. I feel sorry for her laboring to bring forth children that in the name of money lie to put an innocent man in jail especially a police officer that would need to be in solitary for his protection. Its a disgrace to their moms and dads and their children should be disgusted to have that father. Thats my opinion and I hope other people in their disgust of what has taken place share that same opinion.

  • Constitutional rights challenge

    This is a fantastic post indicating that nothing is private on the internet. People need to be aware that you always leave a trail when you visit sites. But if you have nothing to hide nothing to feel bad about and you speak the truth then why fear anyone. The only ones that have to fear is the crooked. They need to cover up and have people whitewash for them.

    Cyber terrorism is illegal and the attacks on your website by remote computers to take it down indicates that cyber terrorism was in use illegally and its these cyber terrorists that need to run and hide and its these cyber terrorists that I know I play with on purpose. The way to catch the crooked is to entice them to follow you and then try to attack you. A cat and mouse game with cyber terrorists.

    When the judicial system is cleaned up then perhaps they can save face. When an innocent police officer is put in jail on a trumped up contempt of court charge and our courts have done nothing to bring about justice then the citizens of Canada and Ontario have no recourse but to attack them online until its dealt with properly and fairly. When a former police officer committed illegal acts and the police have never done anything properly then they will feel the heat from the citizens. We demand accountability and until there is accountability then expect a wrath of public outcry.

    The libel chill that these people use who think they are above the law will never work. We will douse that libel chill with hot water. When we read how Mr. Best was treated by other police officers when he took issue including having his vehicle trashed and there is no accountability then we the citizens will not stand by and take it. When we read cases like David Simetic who has been treated so unfairly including house arrest we shake our heads in disgust. When we see money take precedence over human rights and dignities we take issue with that. When we see the lives of the citizen being trampled on by those with power and money and who cause untold mental anxiety and stress we will not stand by and take it. Having a website like this takes time and effort….lots of it and Mr. Best should never have had to make this blog in order to get justice. The judicial system long ago should have protected his rights and handed out proper accountability to those involved. Whitewashing has occurred on so many levels and we the citizens have had enough of it. No big law firm is untouchable. No big lawyer is too big not to go to jail. Plain and simple. When cyber terrorism occurred you know that Mr. Best story was so huge and hurt so many people that they needed to engage in illegal activity to shut it down.

    When online threats were made to people involved in a huge lawsuit to intimidate them and shut them up we know the story is huge. When the story lead right to the huge law firm then you know they are as guilty as the sky can be blue and they are cowards that had to use dirty tactics to win at all costs.

    • I decided that since there were attempts to criminally attack your blog and take it down that it was time to go after the cyber terrorists. It was time to hit them non stop with their own criminality. The famous chill of libel always comes forth from their mouths in order to stop exposure so the best way to attack that threat is to tell them they are small compared to millions reading who do not have blindfolds on their eyes or do not need to have others whitewash their corruption.

      Everything on this website including the comments are of course downloaded and searched to find ways to try and shut people up. Thats the fun of putting your comments and opinions forth. To watch dirty people spend hours combing to find ways to cover up and hide it. Everyone that sent emails to various departments or made calls you can be sure they are kept with your IP address and telephone numbers. But remember only dirty people need to keep track of those who voice their opinion and then follow that up to see who they are and what they could use in the future to hurt them. The tactics used by this law firm that you have produced evidence for with respect to IP address etc with online threats discredits them huge. So I think we all know who paid for the illegal criminal cyber attacks to shut this site down.

      Thats the fun of exposing a truly dirty justice system. I challenge any dirty people to try and use any comments on here to attack any one in order to suppress their criminal acts. |Your lame attacks on Donald Best and his lawyer Paul Slansky only helped to uncover the conspiracy of whitewashing and cover up and had the exact opposite effect that no doubt dirty people had hoped for. My suggestion to dirty people is crawl into the hole where you came from and stay there. The world would be a much better place with you in the hole.

      • Mr. Best your exposing the IP address of the law firm is brilliant becomes it comes from an honest person exposing corruption. Exposing where online threats came from is important since obviously police dont seem to care that threats were done in order to stop lawsuits to intimidate and scam a poor 82 year widow out of what is rightfully hers. Bravo and Koodos to a brilliant website.

  • closed minded mentality

    I found it amusing that some one would call your posts defamatory when you have given solid evidence of fabrication of evidence unlawful confinement a crooked judge whitewashing by the judicial system a crooked cop.

    I certainly wouldn’t want a person with this mentality to represent me in any legal matter. They definitely do not have common sense to figure out tgast intimidation doesn’t always work. Definitely a chill of libel to deflect from the true issues.

  • Not the Law Society

    You said “By a strange coincidence, Paul Schabas (one of the lawyer defendants in my civil case) is the Chair of the LSUC’s Proceedings Authorization Committee that makes the decision to prosecute or not to prosecute lawyers.”

    Mr. Best, that was a masterful use of tongue in cheek. No coincidence but I am sure you know that.

    With the allegations on this blog and in your letters to the law society, how can a lawyer like Paul Schabas serve on the same committee that is responsible for investigating or prosecuting him? Doesn’t the phrase “conflict of interest” have any meaning at the law society?

    • Having lawyers in charge of their own profession with no independent oversight is the most basic conflict of interest. The UK is moving to change this. Will Canada follow?

  • I suggest that the law firms that download the documents are going to sue you Mr. Best. Your public allegations are defamatory.

    • “Your public allegations are defamatory.” The usual libel chill from a fearful legal community that has been caught red handed making up evidence and putting innocents in jail.

    • Common Sense Revolution and not the idiot one

      Samuel Feldson can you explain the public allegations that are defamatory because defamatory only represents lies that are published and Mr. Best has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to all readers that he is telling the truth therefore it is in no way defamatory. This is typical lawyer talk coming from the mouths of a bunch of liars. On behalf of all readers I will accept the honor of telling you Mr. Samuel Feldson to shove it where the sun dont shine. In other words the light is being shone on corrupt individuals and the shadows wont cover them any more.