Ottawa Police Still Withholding Court Documents In Detective Grus Case – Here Are Those We Have

Worldwide Interest in Ottawa Police Disciplinary Trial

Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus is charged under the Police Services Act with ‘Discreditable Conduct’ for allegedly conducting “unauthorized” investigations into nine Sudden Infant Deaths where she sought to know the vaccine status of the mothers in January 2022.

The internal trial is scheduled for five days August 14-18, 2023.

Although Ottawa Police recently released some of the legal documents filed in the case, the organization is still refusing to release motions and decisions since April 26, 2023.

As previously reported here, the Ottawa Police for many months concealed the judge’s decisions and lawyers’ motions – even going so far as to deceitfully inform the public and the press in April that the judge had not made a decision about a December 29, 2022 Disclosure Motion – when the truth was the judge delivered his decision on January 31, 2023.

This lack of transparency continues with much of the case still being conducted in secret.

Further, the Ottawa Police ignored numerous requests from the public and media to stream the upcoming trial over the internet as was done for a few appearances in the Fall of 2022.

In a recent commentary, legendary NYPD Detective and Medal of Honor Recipient Frank Serpico slammed the Ottawa Police cover-up in the Grus case, saying “Incompetence or criminality will go to any length not to be exposed even at the cost of innocent infant lives.”

Five Court Documents Available Here

I redacted these documents to remove Identity Information, signatures, and email addresses. Use ‘control’ or right click to open these documents in a new browser tab for downloading…

20221229 Exhibit #8 Motion regarding Disclosure_Redacted

20230112 Exhibit #9 Respondent’s Factum – Response to applicant’s request for disclosure_Redacted

20230131 Exhibit #11 Ruling on Motion for Disclosure_Redacted

20230417 Exhibit #13 Consolidated Motion_Redacted

20230426 Exhibit #14 Respondent Ottawa Police Service Factum_Redacted

Obviously the April 17, 2023 Motion would have produced a decision by the judge, but the Ottawa Police are withholding this and any other documents filed since April 26, 2023.

Summary of Each Document

20221229 Exhibit #8 Motion regarding Disclosure_Redacted.pdf

  • Defense motion requesting disclosure from the prosecution.
  • Para 12 recounts that Detective Grus requested the OPS Professional Standards Unit to investigate who leaked the confidential information to CBC Journalist Shaamini Yogaretnam. OPS REFUSED TO INVESTIGATE THIS CRIMINAL OFFENSE!
  • Para 14 recounts that the OPS Sgt. Arbuthnot told the Detective Grus that ‘the two CBC articles that were published generated public attention and that as a result of the Applicant’s alleged actions, OPS’ s reputation was brought into disrepute.”
  • Para 15 – Professional Standards found that Grus did nothing wrong in looking at the Sudden Infant Death reports. HOWEVER – the Professional Standards Unit found she did wrong by conducting “an unsanctioned quality control project of SACA infant death investigations.” (Oh really! And what did Grus find? That the investigations were flawed, biased, negligent.)
  • Para 30 lists the initial disclosure to Grus. What follows are paragraphs detailing subsequent OPS disclosures and further requests by Grus’s lawyer – including the autopsy records of the deceased infants.
  • Para 42 reveals an extensive list of defense requests for disclosure items. The totality of the requests indicate that Grus’s legal team will be conducting a detailed and strong defense.
  • Para 42-13 reveals that Ottawa Police Wiretapped Detective Grus and her family. (See BREAKING HERE: Ottawa Police Wiretapped ‘Sudden Infant Deaths’ Detective Helen Grus – And Her Family)

20230112 Exhibit #9 Respondent’s Factum – Response to applicant’s request for disclosure_Redacted.pdf


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NOTE: I’ve published this article unfinished so readers can download the documents ASAP and start reading. If you find something noteworthy, please leave a comment. (Comments sometimes take a few hours to appear so please be patient.)


  • Thank you for covering this kangaroo court tribunal. Hopefully the lack of credibility of the Ottawa Police. Is exposed under oath and wont be ignored by an obvious biased judge. This judge refused the request to cross examine the CBCreporter who was leaked the story and t is quite obvious that the Ottawa Police in Sept 2021 knew the vaccine was the common denominator to be investigated and they tried to cover it up and it fits the timeline when a secret privy council memo was sent that showed obvious cover up of vaccine injuries therefore the Ottawa Police have committed criminal breach of trust through cover up and political pandering and even engaging in rackateering themselves with vaccine mandates.

    Very interesting connection to Deloitte here with the Ottawa Police that private investigators might like to search through which can paint a picture of massive rackateering amonther important connections. Former Chief Peter Sloly is a great starting point. He might like to start blowing the whistle and helping Detective Grus.

  • Thank you for covering this. History will treat you well.

  • This is shameful behavior for a country like Canada. Here in the USA we are also seeing an unprecedented weaponization of our “justice” systems.

  • Well done, Don – keep it up M8.

  • Exellent work Donald. Just excellent.